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The Inspiration Behind Rockrose Press

These beautiful flowers with five crimson spots, bright white petals, and yellow centers thrive along Portugal’s southern coastline. They can survive the harshest growing conditions and symbolize the beauty of life and resilience. The flowers are abundant throughout late Spring and much of Summer atop the rugged cliffs overlooking the sea and around the nearby countryside.

Rockrose shrubs produce an intoxicating sweet scent that fills the air. The plants are scattered among groves of cork oak trees and grow all along the trails that connect the sea villages to the interior farmland. The whiffs of sweetness drift along with the sea breeze mixed with the scents of wild lavender and eucalyptus trees. It brings a unique combination to the senses and ignites creativity. Rockrose is an exquisite expression of Mother Earth and a delight to experience. 

A sticky balsam, or natural resin from the plant, coats the leaves and is used in the preparation of some perfumes and even vermouths. Historically, people used it in herbal medicine. The resin from the plant is like a ‘secret ingredient’ that magically pulls everything together and brings sweetness and joy to the senses. At Rockrose Press, authors experience similar magic come together when our highly skilled editors, designers, and publishing experts collaborate to create their masterpiece works in fiction.

Fun Fact: Each flower blooms and lasts only for a day, a reminder of the miracle of life. It symbolizes creative expression, a masterpiece for the world to enjoy.

The shape and pattern of the Rockrose, like the circle around Mandala Tree’s logo, represents the emergence of intense personal growth and transformation. The center of the flower is its purpose and core message. An author can circle it and return to it again and again with intention throughout the process of creation. The core message and its intent are paramount when writing a book. If someone has a strong sense of purpose for writing their story, they will keep coming back to that purpose and push forward in creating their book.